Law Office of 
Jonathan P. Van Hoven
       35 YEARS

Protecting Your Rights

An experienced, skilled and reasonable attorney 

who you can trust to protect your legal rights.  

There may be no greater nightmare than facing allegations that can cost you your freedom. The Law Office of Jonathan P. Van Hoven is a firm that has one goal--getting the best possible results for every individual client. There is no greater obligation for a trial lawyer than to be entrusted with fighting to protect someone's freedom.  


Jonathan (Jon) Van Hoven focuses his practice in criminal defense in federal and state court, defending those charged ranging from traffic infractions and DUIs to capital murder. He has spent a vast amount of his career handling serious felony cases in federal court, and with over 32 years of trial experience, Jon understands his clients' paramount concerns. As a solo practitioner, your case will not fall into the hands of an inexperienced associate. Jon Van Hoven will be representing you in all of the important aspects of your case. There is simply no replacement for the personal, compassionate, and hands-on approach that all of Jon's clients can expect.


Since most of his clients are from professional or personal referral, chances are you are viewing this website because Jon Van Hoven was recommended or you heard his name in your travels. Jon does not engage in direct marketing or pay money for higher standings on the Internet search engines. He relies solely on the recommendations of satisfied clients, their families and friends, and other attorneys and professionals who have known him for 34 years as an attorney. Jon believes that people should choose a lawyer the same way they select a doctor, accountant, or any other professional service--on the recommendation of someone they can trust, not based on slick marketing.